Military Vehicles In The Desert

This website is for club members and interested visitors looking for regional collectors of military transportation and all the militaria connected with the hobby. It is not required to own a military vehicle to become a member, only the interest and respect. If you're in the Phoenix area, you might want to stop by a monthly meeting and check us out or volunteer to help with a display or parade. Over time you will learn about common military vehicles and make connections to help you enter this avocation. This site is maintained by volunteers.

Upcoming Events

Quick Look:
  • Monthly Meeting
    Thursday 01 November 2018, 1800 hours
  • Sierra Vista School
    Friday 09 NOV 18, 0700 hours
  • Phoenix Veterans Day Parade
    Observed Monday 12NOV18 0530 for 100 year old Liberty, 0900 for MVs
  • Cub Scout Pow Wow
    17 NOV 2018, 0630 hours
  • Small Arms Review Gun Show
    Saturday 01 DEC 18 0700 hours
  • 28th Arizona Military Vehicle Show
    26-27 January 2018, Details Open 0900 Close Sat 1700 Sun 1500

    For more detail, see the EVENTS page.

    January Show 2019

    New Flyer

    2019 Vendors

    If you'd like to be a vendor at the 2019 show, visit Vendor Page for forms and registration info.



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