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The Arizona Military Vehicle Collector's Club was formed in 1982 by enthusiasts that had been collecting military vehicles several years prior. The club is a collection veteran and civilian owned military vehicles, remembering historic transportation from World War Two through Desert Storm. Jeeps, mutts, mules, deuce-and-a-halfs, prime movers, troop carriers, half tracks, command posts, and heavy wreckers. The club members locate, restore and drive privately owned, original military vehicles to keep history alive and real. To honor those who served and fought from these vehicles. To keep these mechanical memories rolling for the public see, feel and hear- what came before.The club displays in parades, veteran's services, car shows and charities. The club also supports local youth groups, seniors and outdoor enthusiasts. Hosting camp outs, trail rides, and interesting conversation along the highway.

In 1984, the first military vehicle "show" was organized by Rod Shaver in a Tempe parking lot. The following year, the club loosely displayed in front of the Papago Military Museum at 52nd Street and McDowell. By 1991, the show was large and stable enough to make it an annual event. The club has produced a large show at the end of January each year since. In 2002 they out grew the museum parking lot and moved across the street to the National Guard Gymnasium and parking lot just south of the Museum. In 2012, the show was moved to the Peoria Sports complex. In 2014 the show moved to Metrocenter.

Upcoming Events

Quick Look:
  • MVPA Rt 66 Convoy
    06OCT17, Friday, 0730
  • Sierra Verde School
    09NOV17, Thursday, 0700
  • Phoenix Veterans Day Parade
    11NOV17, Saturday, 0900
  • SAR Gun Show
    02DEC17, Saturday, 0800

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    Scouts 2017

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    Rottentail Movie

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    The club has run a YouTube channel for a while. Nothing new this month, just a reminder! AMVCClub YouTube

    January Show 2016

    New Photo Gallery Uploaded See the show pics from January 2016

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