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The Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club is a non profit corporation formed to benefit members who want to restore military vehicles for parades, shows and trail rides. The club provides members access to people with many years experience with military vehicles. We welcome new members who enjoy military history. The club has trail rides, camp outs, parades and various shows each year. Owning a military vehicle is NOT required for membership, but your enthusiasm and interest is. Come, enjoy and learn with us.

DUES: $35 first year; $30 each successive year.

Please pay dues by the end of January of each year. If you're new and starting in the middle of the year, you have maybe three options.

  • 1) Think of it as a donation and pay again in January.
  • 2) Complain and officers will hear your case and judge with sympathy.
  • 3) Ignore it and skip a year. We may never figure it out. But can you live with yourself?

    The AMVCC does not have a fancy online membership system.
    Please fill out and print out this form MEMBERSHIP FORM PDF * CLICK ME

    return it with payment to:

    P.O. BOX 15572
    PHOENIX AZ 85060-5572

    Or just bring it to a monthly meeting/January show.

  • Magazine Article

    Our January show has been lucky enough to be featured in the MVPA's April 2019 'History In Motion' magazine.

    Cick for PDF 51MB

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    Upcoming Events

    Quick Look:
  • It's hot out. More events coming soon. TBA

    January Show 2018

    New Photo Gallery Uploaded! See the show pics from January 2018 Pictures from 2019 coming soon.



    The club has run a YouTube channel for a while. Nothing new this month, just a reminder! AMVCClub YouTube

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