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2021 Arizona Military Vehicle Show

This show was our 30th display for the Phoenix area. With the local government restricting mass gatherings because of worries of a social contagion, our main display was cancelled and this rouge, unlisted, independent display was hastily deployed. Event was from 13 February, 2021, in an undisclosed, metro area parking lot.

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Upcoming Events

Who to ask about upcoming events-

2024 Show Pictures

Coming Soon, photos from the 33rd Annual Arizona Military Vehicle Show.

2023 Show Pictures

200+ photos of our 32nd Annual Arizona Military Vehicle Show. Click HERE

Turner Trail Ride Videos!

The club has had some great trail rides. Open to all club members, friends of members and possible new members. Keep an eye out for new trail rides and see if military vehicles are for you.

The first Turner trail ride was early in 2019.

Click to load 2019 video

The second was held late in 2020...

Click to load 2020 video Contact a club member and ask to join an empty seat. New trail ride in planning stages.

Next Monthly Meeting

Thursday, 07 December 2023 we will holding our normal monthly planning meeting at the American Legion Luke Greenway Post 1, 346 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007, 7th Ave just north of Van Buren/Grand Ave. - Social hour 1800-1900hrs Meeting starts at 1900, usually adjourned by 2000.

Tank Crush Video

We made a video with Phoenix broadcasters Kent Dana and Jerry Foster. Never park in a tank loading zone! Click For Video

Magazine Article

Our January 2019 show has been lucky enough to be featured in the MVPA's April 2019 'History In Motion' magazine.

Cick for PDF 51MB

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The club YouTube channel! Recordings of some virtual meetings added! AMVCClub YouTube

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